Education for pharmacists

The scope of pharmacy practice is expanding and the skills of the pharmacists need to evolve with that. We make the professional education for pharmacists fun and long-lasting!

What’s our offer?

  • Interactive, evidence-based & hands-on workshops
  • Content for e-learning
  • Training programs for medical pharmaceutical consulation
  • Expertise in oral anticoagulation, TNF-inhibition & vaccination

Education for pharmacists from the past 24 months include:

  • How to implement an adherence counseling service for diabetes patients (workshop)
  • Adequate pharmaceutical care for patients on oral anticoagulation (workshop)
  • Safe and rational use of TNF-alpha-inhibitors in community pharmacy (workshop/e-learning)
  • Pharmaceutical care with DOAC in community pharmacy (workshop)
  • Flu and pneumoccocal vaccination and sensibilization in public pharmacy (e-learning)
  • Diabetes in community pharmacy (e-learning)
  • Correct prescribing of DOAC (workshop/e-learning)


* All our educational program’s are developed in collaboration with Meduca, a business unit within the Royal Association of Pharmacists in Antwerpen (KAVA).