Early detection of AF with the AliveCor – a feasibility study in Belgium

An iPACT study has demonstrated that community pharmacists are ideally located to support awareness campaigns and early detection of AF. With this project, we want to further expand the scope of Belgian pharmacy practice in the prevention and detection of chronic diseases.

Atrial fibrillation is the most common cardiac arrhythmia globally, responsible for one third of strokes and often resulting in death or incapacity. This condition, frequently asymptomatic, is estimated to be up to 50% undiagnosed. Reducing this risk with appropriate detection and management strategies offers substantial economic and patient benefits. Both ESC and iPACT recommend (opportunistic) screening for AF by pulse taking or ECG rhythm strip in patients >65 years of age or other risk factors and (if needed) referred to a physician for diagnosis.

Belgium – Flanders

Screening in Belgium is still a grey area and we could unfortunately not participate in this multinational campaign. We did however set up our own very local project in Schoten, Antwerpen within the contours of a Masterthesis at the University of Brussels, where we found similar results.

Interesting references

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