Life-course vaccination, the importance and the role of the pharmacist (fringe session)

In this Fringe Session, sponsored by GSK, the life-course of vaccination ad the role of the pharmacist will be discussed. Silas was invited to share his vision, ideas and a concrete case from Belgium.

The full program included:

  • Introduction and setting the scene – Christopher Clarke (GSK)
  • Conversation on life-course vaccination: Life-course vaccination: the importance of adult vaccination – Alberta Di Pasquale & Christopher Clarke (GSK)
    • Ageing pupulations and risk of infectious diseases: is there a link?
    • Are vaccines as effective in older adults as they are in children?
    • Are infectious diseases limited to young children and older adults?
    • What does vaccine coverage look like in adults?
    • What do we need to do to address the burden of infectious diseases in adults?
  • Interactive panel discussion with Silas Rydant:
    • How can the pharmacist play a role in helping to overcome current barriers to adult vaccination?
  • Q & A – All